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Our Gin

“Capturing the essence of Hong Kong has always been our dream. Using the classical spirit of gin as a canvas, we have painted broad brush strokes of traditional fragrances and aromas, transporting you on a gentle breeze to a portrait of our Hong Kong,” says Kit Cheung, main founder of Perfume Trees Gin

To tell the story of a city of contrasts is no easy task. When Joseph and Kit set out to make Hong Kong’s first ever gin, they were on a mission to capture the fission and fusion of the city’s colliding cultures. We work closely with local farmers and suppliers to understand the terroir of Hong Kong. By selecting aromatic, evocative botanicals, our gin captures the very heart and soul of Hong Kong, and transport the drinker to the city’s colourful streets

Perfume Tree Gin

The Team

The Story behind Perfume Trees Gin

Perfume Trees Gin take pride as pioneers of gin brand of Hong Kong, and it is the most internationally awarded gin in the Pan-China region.

Our gin was inspired by the very unique and interesting cultural upbringing of Hong Kong. HongKongers bear many identities, ethnically we are mostly Chinese, however we also very westernised at the same time, from the language we speak (Cantonese) being influenced by English, to the food we eat. We are exposed to so many different cultures, flavours and we are a unique blend of these experiences.

Kit Cheung

Kit Cheung, born and brought up in Hong Kong, is the artistic driving force behind Perfume Trees gin. A famous mixologist of Hong Kong, he had over 18 years of professional bartending and bar consulting experience in Europe and Hong Kong, living for creating and serving beautiful and perfectly balanced cocktails and drinks, performing the arts of cocktails making. On his return, he established his own bartending school in Hong Kong, where students could learn his unique take on some of the world’s best-known cocktails.

Joseph Cheung

Joseph Cheung, also born and brought up in Hong Kong, is the meticulous driving wheel behind Perfume Trees gin, a critical care and cardiac care nurse practitioner and a master of law graduate, joined one of Kit’s cocktail class and together they started the journey of gin making.

Our Little Lab

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” – Ernest Hemingway

Kit and Joseph have converted a place in the outskirts of Hong Kong, a vernacular village house into a lab. Initially it was only a place for them to explore their ideas, share them with friends. Over many nights of spirit tasting, they longed for a spirit that could represent the City. The rest is history…and against what Hemingway said, we are glad we did not keep our mouth shut.